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Marking and Grading

Grading Fashion LLC uses the latest Gerber Accumark system for the most accurate marking and grading. But an experienced grading expert is priceless here.

If you've never seen the grading and marking process before, grading is basically the process of making your original garment pattern bigger and smaller to fit different size people. Marking is the process of butting the pattern panels up against each other as close to each other as possible to minimize fabric waste. Again, think of the dough left over after you cut out a dozen doughnuts.

While it sounds fairly mechanical, the grading process is more of an art than a science.

Think for a moment, is your XXL customer going to be athletic or average? Average meaning that his belly and shoulders aren't going to scale proportionally to your M.

How do you make your pattern grade up and down so that you preserve the look and feel of your design across body types and sizes?

We've all seen garments that make regular people look fat. Good grading can prevent this from happening to you.

And good marking can leave minimal fabric waste after all your patterns have been cut out.

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