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Pattern Making

Grading Fashion LLC's pattern makers have decades of experience making patterns for everything from men's suits to wedding dresses.

This level of experience gives us the ability to solve complex design and fabric problems. While a design may call for a seam or a stitch here or there, an experienced pattern maker will be able to offer alternative cuts that require much less fabric and sewing.

Very few people realize that while the surface area of a finished garment is finite and fixed, the amount of fabric you can burn through when cutting each panel out of a roll of fabric is infinite. If you need a visual, just think of all the dough left over when making a doughnut. The stranger the shape of the doughnut, the more waste is created. Atleast doughnut dough can be rekneaded.

Making an efficient pattern can make a huge differnce in your total cost of production and can even make a more durable and comfortable garment.

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