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Garment Washing

Like sanding, garment washing is generally done to denim and mostly after stitching and assembly. But not always. Washing can be spec'd by a designer on any fabric or raw textile as a way to give that material a unique feel and to preshrink it.

The applications for washing include softening, removing the starches used during the manufacturing process, texturing, bulking, removing chemicals used during the manufacturing process, and removing any oils that may have made it's way over from the machines.

Types of washes include:

- vintage / heavy enzyme wash: This wash leaves a garment feeling organic and worn in. A common use for this wash is fleece sweats and hoodies.

- cloud wash: This wash gives cotton a patchy whitened look. It can be used on other fabrics to create different effects as well.

- acid wash: This wash is done by manually spraying chemical on specific parts of a garment to achieve a look and feel that leaves clothing with targetted areas where color is removed.

- stone wash: This wash actually uses stones to soften and distress a garment.

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